Saturday, October 3, 2009

Photo Hunter — "Words"

This was on an old wellhead in Venice.
Translation: Andrea I miss you too
much . . . I can no longer live without
you. I beg you to come back to me . . .
I love you! 6 months . . . and always in
my heart . . . ANDREA I LOVE YOU!!!
Apparently, this way of communicating
is common among the young people of
Venice. Takes me right back to the high
drama and raging hormones of junior


  1. What a wonderful choice for your theme, Alexa! If they painted the old wellheads in blackboard paint and attached tins of chalk, they could have all the romance without the graffiti. :) {Ok, not so great in the rainy season...}

  2. This is a very romantic take on the theme.

  3. This is so romantic. who wouldn't love finding a message like this written to them, then again, I guess it depends upon the guy.

  4. You have a point, Shell. But where's the risk? This way, if Andrea tells you he's really "not that into you,"
    you both have to live with your unrequited romantic gesture. Yeah, maybe chalk would be better on several levels.

  5. From time to time you can see pleas like this here, written in chalk, spray-painted, or scribbled with markers. Sometimes the messages are in really hard-to-reach places, like on the side of an overpass...

  6. haha raging hormones, indeed! love your take on the theme.


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