Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I don't get it

At the risk of sounding like a total
fuddy-duddy, could someone please
explain this "look" to me? Whenever I
see a kid with his pants belted below
his butt like this, I want to ask him two
questions: "Why??" and "How do you
keep them up?" Just out of curiosity,
I tried this myself at home—and, of course,
my drawers were down around my knees
in no time. And I couldn't DO anything
because I had to be thinking about my
pants every second! Seriously, I truly
just don't get it.

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Tuesday here.]


  1. I don´t get it either but at least he has underpants up. It´s so strange when their underpants are down too and the butt crack is showing. What are they thinking??:-)

  2. I don't know who made me laugh harder, you Alexa, for trying this at home or Chrome's comment about the underpants being down. Too funny!

  3. All this, picture and comments, is TOO funny ! And same for me, I really cannot see the purpose of this "uniform" !
    I am just wondering how long those kids will continue to "undress" like that when Winter and frost are coming ?

  4. Well, I need to head back to some fashion blogs, because I thought the displaced undies thing was passe. Alexa, you are hilarious!!

  5. I always have the urge to pull just a teeny 'by accident'=stepping on the hem of his pants....and saying, 'whoops.'

    Without appearing crude (?), I think men have some sort of advantage on us to keeping trousers up, at least in the front.

  6. I too got a giggle after reading the comments and looking at the picture. I see this "look" all the time, how comfortable can it be? Thanks for the laugh.

  7. This look is still around? Doesn't quite go with white Y-fronts. Well, at least you have to wear clean underwear. Very funny.

  8. LOL! Agree with you :D and eewwww..can't look at the showing butt crack. *giggle* my world is up here.

  9. If you're an old, fuddy duddy, so am I. But I agree with Chrome about the underpants!

  10. I am not sure which is worse: undies showing or not wearing undies at all and exposing one's privates due to, horrors, VPL!

  11. well i guess i have to share the "young one's" point of view. call it clanish but most of us truly want to fit in with one another to the point of looking like an idi*** on the way we dress.

    i can't blame you guys if you feel this outfit is ridiculous because it truly is - but hey, it is our way of expressing ourselves and for the world to notice us. i know, its petty but its true.

  12. Lawstude: good point and reminder of how it was when I was younger. Some of the photos taken then I can barely bring myself to look at!


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