Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

What can I say? It's become a small
obsession—walking around with the
camera and thinking, "Where's the
shadow?" And whadda ya know?—
sometimes I'm the shadow. (For
example, what was the first thing
I did when I got to my friends'
house in Montauk? Take this picture!)
You can find more shadow shots here.


  1. Beautiful, Alexa ~ for some reason, I can see it as the cover for a suspense-thriller novel!

  2. One of the first movies ever shot was "L'arroseur assosé".
    Here we have "La photographe photographiée", and what is even more : by herself !!!

  3. This is brilliant! Shadow nicely captured :-)

    - Pixellicious Photos

  4. That's what I called "ADDICTION" or?

    he he... I thought am the only one have cam in handy for shadow posts.

    Cool, indeed...


  5. LOL, I do exactly the same thing! Think I've really become obsessed with shadows!! This is a great one! Agree with Shell Sherree, could be a great cover for a suspense-mystery novel!

    Have a great day!


  6. I see shadows everywhere now too!

    This is a great photo, lovely light.

  7. and it is a really beautiful the colours

  8. I guess I should start participating in shadow shots; I have a lot, but it's just one more 'official' day to keep up with, in addition to ABC Wednesday and Skywatch...we'll see.

    I see you!

  9. That's so cool! Yay for obsessive shadow shooters I say :D


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