Thursday, October 15, 2009

lace curtains

This is typical Brooklyn architecture.
Somewhat high end, though—hence
the 19th-century reference. And
what covers your windows?


  1. Your window, Alexa ?
    Nice architecture.
    I must admit that most of my windows have no curtain. Old country house with thick walls and small windows hidden behing high fences so no real need for privacy and a great need for light.
    But the 2 windows facing the street have Duch lace narrow curtains and in the staircase a nice piece of fabric and hand made lace bought in Burano.

  2. Nice window. In Vojvodina, an area just to the north of Belgrade, many houses feature one window that stands out from the front of the house (houses are lined up so that the facades are all even along the street). It is for peeking out to see who is coming...and going.

    Most windows here have lace curtains. I do in some rooms, and in others, little skinny Venetian blinds in colors.

  3. The window and window box have a European flavour about them. In our sub-tropical climate, venetians and shutters are very practical for air-flow ~ we have mostly timber venetians on our windows and I love them!

  4. My dream of dreams...I would totally LOVE LOVE LOVE to live THERE ! Sigh.......

    Me here, a cottage..trying to pretend I am in Maine....behind a an apple orchard....

    More later,

  5. Kary -- I wouldn't mind living there myself, instead of in my prewar apt. bldg. a few blocks away.

    No, Marylene, this is definitely not my home—and yours sounds like my dream French country house!

    Bibi -- I can peek too—but I have to climb out on the fire escape!

    Shell -- I wish timber venetians suited my place. The skinny metal Venetian blinds I have are way too hard (i.e., impossible) to keep clean.

  6. I wouldn't mind having this for my residence!
    I just have old fashioned blinds.


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