Friday, October 16, 2009

Skywatch Friday—looking up Lexington

A stretch of NYC skyline that's very
familiar to all the millions of workers
who commute daily into and out of
Grand Central Terminal (and the vast
subway station beneath it).
If you should happen to visit NYC, try
not to find yourself at the NW corner of
Lexington Ave. and 42nd St. during the
evening rush hour—that's a lot of people
who just want to get home, and you don't
want to get in their way!
[Go here for more Skywatch fun.]


  1. And there's a Pointy-topped Doo-dad lurking there, too! That's a beautiful view, Alexa, and thank you for the invaluable tip. Hard enough to be seen at the best of times, let alone by a bunch of stampeding New Yorkers. :)

  2. Love all the tall buildings, I want to come back to this city, love NY

  3. Apart from the sky, which is great, the combination of old and new building is beautiful, complete it seems with window cleaners at work on the right! And a gargoyle higher up on the right? Lovely!

  4. Nice one! I miss NYC.

    I always think of my grandfather when I hear Lexington Avenue...he used to take my grandmother and me to NYC when I was little (we lived in Pa, so it was just a relatively short train ride) and I think there was a hotel there we stayed at.

  5. You must have many opportunity for these types of shots. Nice shot - I like the angle


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