Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Here's another small part of my fave Paris
museum, the Musée du Moyen Age. I
passed this place every day when I lived
here back in the '60s—and never went in.
Now I go every time I'm lucky enough to
get to Paris. Older . . . and wiser.
[See more shadow shots here.]


  1. Are you talking about the musée Clugny ?
    If so, have no regret.
    I visited it 30 years ago when living in Paris, big disappointment, dark, messy and not attractive.
    And I went back there last year and it was a very good surprise, totally renovated, bright, lots of explanations and very nice.
    So, all you have to do is to schedule it for your next trip, and I'll visit again with you if you want !!!!

  2. I love the play of the shadows here, Alexa! And it's in Paris, so thank you for the extra bonus.

  3. Ah, yes, le Musee de Cluny....I too passed by it quite often in '67 while walking to the Sorbonne when I first went to Paris. Believe it or not, last time I was there I wanted to go (having since become really addicted to the Middle Ages) and it was CLOSED! Next time for sure.

    Nice catch of these statues.

  4. Nice play of shadows. Almost brings them to life.

  5. Marylene -- Makes me feel a bit better to know that I actually wasn't missing that much by ignoring this place back when. Nothing would please me more than to visit again with you. (And then dinner at Brasserie Balzar? I still love that place.)

    Bibi -- last time I went, I arrived late in the day with a 3-day museum pass—so the woman who checked me in opted not to sign the pass, thereby giving me an extra day on it. Once again— merci BEAUCOUP, Madame! And I still have NO idea why anyone has a problem avec les Français!

  6. This is a cool musée. I love the building.

  7. I was hoping this was in NY so that I could go see it!

  8. I can see why that is one of your favorite places. It's beautiful!


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