Monday, October 5, 2009

It's beginning . . .

The turning of the leaves, that is. I was
starting to think it wasn't going to happen
this autumn for whatever reason— our very
wet summer, global warming, who knows.
So, are the leaves turning where you are?
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  1. The leaves in Kentucky are starting to turn. I love love love it! Autumn leaves are some of God's most beautiful creations :)

  2. Here too, just back from a "no-internet" country.
    There you could see a gorgeous mix of green pines and deciduous trees of all colors from green to red. I SO regretted not to be able to take good pictures like yours !!!

  3. There's drying up here and falling, but few pretty colors, though that's coming on some trees. Fall is my favorite season.

    (BTW, Eric's photo today reminds me of yours from yesterday!)

    Re: your question about 'ajvar,' you can look in specialty shops that carry either Serbian or Bulgarian products. Not all jarred ajvar is good. Look for a deeper red one, not the flaming red. Ask Marianne? If you need her email, write me!

  4. Beautiful colour, Alexa! We don't really experience the turning of leaves here ~ but the jacarandas are in full bloom everywhere already, so hubby assures me we're in for a sizzling hot summer.

  5. I love this picture...against the sun and heat. nice effect and results.

  6. When leaves turn yellow
    on Brooklyn streets, we turn to
    our hearths and our homes.

    My Mellow Yellow

  7. I like this a lot...and our leaves are starting to change, but I don't think they are going to be as pretty as past years.

  8. they're starting to change here too

    your photo is really good, the light is lovely

  9. love the angle you took this at with the light shining through and the branches visible.
    and the leaves have just started turning this past week in Ontario, too.

  10. love the contrast here, & the design from the mosaic of leaves is especially beautiful when enlarged!
    Very nice Alexa.

  11. PS
    with the exception of a few nearby trees, it seems most trees are just beginning to turn.

  12. Thanks, all! I missed you, Marylene.


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