Thursday, October 8, 2009

subway talent

This guy was actually pretty good.
Apparently, however, I was the only
person on this subway car who was
paying any attention to him at all.
New York is a tough town—no matter
what you do!


  1. Nice shot, funny picture. I wonder whether you were trying the Tenin perspective or just hiding your camera ! LOL !
    Here, in the métro, people look even more focused on their book, paper, hands..... It seems that showing any interest to the often good musicians leads to giving a tip !

  2. I just re-read my commet, a bit cryptic, I meant that people think they will have to tip the musician if they ever show any interest in his music.
    Is is clearer ? Not convinced ! Sorry, too short night to think clearly in English ! May be in French too in fact !!

  3. I have a couple of shots of some mariachi players who were actually really good! They couldn't help but get your attention.

    I like metro entertainment; thanks for reminding me!

  4. Marylene -- yes, I was trying to be discreet with my camera—for the very reason you mention! Normally, if I take a picture I will give some money (seems only fair), but times are tough.

  5. My daughter Lila has been working on my computer and not logging off—so the above comment from lilascott is actually from me.

  6. I'm onto you now, Alexa ~ I've seen you masquerading as lilascott quite a bit of late. :)


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