Wednesday, October 28, 2009

abc wednesday - O is for "olives"

Not my favorite food, but so quintessentially
Italian that I have to love them! So, are you a
fan? (These, by the way, were for sale at the
wonderful Mercato Centrale, in Florence.
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  1. To me, olives and olive oil are the perfect symbols of Mediterranean culture and people !
    In addition, I love markets !
    I DO need to convince my husband to take me to Florence, I am ashamed to say I've never been there !! According to you, what is the best time of year to go there ?

  2. That's a lovely vibrant photo, Alexa! I'm quite partial to a small handful of olives, nicely marinated, the odd one stuffed with a morsel of feta.

    Marylène, I've only been to Florence for a day ~ it was as wonderful as you'd imagine it to be!

  3. I, on the contrary, love olives, especially the little black wrinkled 'Nicoise' ones. I even bought some fresh olives on the market in Nice, and the lady told me how to prepare them. I did just what she said, and they were the BEST!

  4. For me, not so much the olives as the juice, as my daughter and I always exchange this greeting: "Olive juice!" (I love yous!)

  5. I like the bland black olives you find in a can in American grocery stores, I rarely eat the fancy ones but do when I get the opportunity, but I love olive oil best.
    Your market picture is very appetizing Alexa.
    ; )

  6. I eat a few olives and cook with olive oil.
    Great idea to take the camera to the market...

  7. Yeah, I did olives today, too! You have a terrific photo and I love markets! Go to our Pike Market in Seattle every chance I get!

    Have a great day -- O and otherwise!


  8. Love olives! I have to travel out of town to get the "good" olives, something other than out of a can. It is well worth the trip.

  9. Actually, the only olive I've met that I didn't like was the first raw one I tasted. Arg. Tasty O!

  10. Oooh, I do love olives, but they are so salty! I'm supposed to keep my salt intake down. .. *Sigh*

  11. I love the idea of markets yet hardly get to any because we don't have them like that where I live. That makes your colorful photo extra special.
    I've only tasted two types of olives, green and black and like them both! I have a feeling I'd like more because of my heritage. Great O photo!


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