Wednesday, October 7, 2009

abc wednesday - L is for "laundry"

This is kind of far off the beaten track
in Venice—which in Venice is pretty
much exactly where I prefer to be!
It's the sestiere of Castello; my fave
sestiere is Dorsoduro.
Do you know Venice? And do you
have a favorite neighborhood there?
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  1. this is such a perfect scene Alexa.
    Oh I miss Italy so much!
    I was in Venice years ago just for two days, not enough time to really get to know it & too long ago to remember more than a general impression, good reasons for me to go back!

  2. love this! so much like parts of mumbai!

  3. Ahhhhh!! You know I have no clue which neighbourhood is which, given that I was permanently discombobulated while there. But how could I mind walking around in circles with lovely little scenes like this around every corner. Gorgeous, Alexa!

  4. The only place I've seen something similar would be Naples. In Venice I never was so far off the beaten track: it would be very bad form if the busdriver couldn't find the bus anymore...

  5. I love laundry streets! I took many photos in Corfu, where there is, among others, an Italian influence. I've always wanted a clothesline like these, one that you can pull back and forth between your place and the neighbor's.

    Been to Venice, but not long enough to have a favorite neighborhood.

  6. Oh, I love the laundry street! It does remind me of Italy! Marvelous shot, Alexa! And perfect for the L Day!



  7. I went to Venice when I was about 10, with my parents, of course. I don't remember much except going to the glass blowing factory and taking a gondola ride.

    In your photo, I couldn't find any "unmentionables" hanging out in the streets. I guess they keep those indoors. :-)

  8. Thanks, all!
    Not necessarily, Ming—come back when we get to the letter U.

  9. Love your laundry photo. Only been to Venice briefly but I would love to go back some time.

  10. there are neighborhoods in the United States that ban the hanging of laundry, saying that it reduces property values. well, I think it's silly; can't they see the artistry, as your picture shows?

  11. I've never been to Venice. Must go, must go!


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