Monday, October 26, 2009

mellow Yellow Monday

Please don't ask me to explain this photo.
This guy was playing his accordion at the
Union Square greenmarket. Why was he
wearing this helmet? Beats me! Sometimes
it's better just to take things at face value
(so to speak).
[See more mellow yellow here.]


  1. This is a bit disturbing. Great catch, though.

  2. Quite an odd but intriguing shot! Instantly I thought of those face masks used near bees!

  3. There's an old musos expression, "She'll be right on the night." Maybe he thought it was "She'll be right on the knight." Very curious. As Cali says, a great catch, Alexa!

  4. Perhaps he's a famous accordionist who doesn't want to be recognized! But then, I can't think of any famous accordeonists, at least in the US!

  5. Or maybe he lost the bet. Nice shot!

  6. This is a riot!
    OMG, some people will do anything for attention. I guess you have to in NY with all the millions of people.

  7. Thanks, guys! I'd like to think that he parked himself where he did in hopes of showing up on MYM.

  8. OK, that last comment was from me—not from my daughter Lila (who has taken over my computer and is not so great at signing out!).

  9. Exactly, why is he wearing a helmet? If he expects donations from passerbys, he needs to make eye contact.


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