Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Challenge — "red"

I used to work right around the corner from this great place,
where you could just order a plate of black-eyed peas and
fresh tomatoes, and they had the biggest collection of
hot sauces north of New Iberia, Louisiana. 

Now New York magazine tells me this:

"The grubby old Cajun spot has been redone as an elegant
candlelit restaurant-cum-lounge with a serious
New Nordic menu from Danish chef Mads Refslund."

So I know where to go for a pricey cocktail
and a $15 plate of clams.  I'm sure it's delicious,
but I want my grubby old Cajun back!

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  1. Nice use of red and blue (and orange).

    Louisiana hot sauces are my all-time favorites.

    Now I guess ACME means by “Blackened Catfish” that it will come out dressed in a little tuxedo.

    But you might give it a try. The Norse can put out a less than haute cuisine barbecue.

  2. Tant pis... so sad that this "cuisine" is no longer there. I do not imagine that there is much Cajun food in NYC although I knew that several of the New Orleans chefs hit the restaurant scene there several years ago.


  3. Sad when a beloved eatery moves or goes out of business.

    "Acme" always reminds me of Roadrunner cartoons....


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