Wednesday, February 22, 2012

abc wednesday —F is for "foggy"

Not much of a view from (or even of
the bridge on this morning, was there?

And yet . . . I just love the way the 
cables disappear into the mist.

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  1. This goes well with your post yesterday. It looks like some kind of icon illustrating the Stairway to Heaven. Unique, impressive, hypnotic.

    What is nice about looking at this on a computer monitor is that the lucent aura above, in this iconic image, actually glows with an intense internal light.

    It might be a Stairway to Heaven but hindrances to passage exist; and yet barred and locked ways do exist allowing an avenue of ascent to those with the key...

  2. What a magnificent shot! I am trying to recognize it (as a fellow New Yorker) but can't.

    Have a great week - which hopefully promises to continue to be glorious.

  3. I love foggy days... They make good photographs


  4. Gotta love this! A really good photo.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Alexa, that's a terrific photo. Wow.

  6. Great foggy photo, just enough of the bridge to give a real impression of how thick the fog is.

  7. Fantastic image - a tad scary too.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. A remarkable illustration for the F word...

  9. Oh my! Alexa, this is a keeper, and probably my favorite of all of yours (but I am fickle).

    The fog is incredible and makes such a glorious setting for photographers.


  10. What a great photo. I love fog -- grew up with it for many years. I find it fascinating (oooh some good 'f's there!). That photograph is wonderful and could be illustrative of many thing in life.

  11. Hello.
    There's something mysterious about this foggy photo. Makes me think of the horror movies! (lol)
    Thanks for sharing.

    A Flower In My Mirror

  12. What a great capture of mood and light (or lack of). I love the fog and how it hovers over the bridge.

  13. AWESOME!!
    I do love this shot.
    It really sets a mood.

  14. What a fantastic shot! Fog can be such an inspiration for photography. It is every changing when it comes and goes.


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