Tuesday, February 28, 2012


One of the Gare (now Musée, of course) d'Orsay clocks, seen from 
outside and in.  I loved this place back in the '60s, when it was an 
eery abandoned railway station, and I was thrilled when they filled 
it with some of the best art in the world.  But I heard recently 
that you're no longer allowed to take pictures in this museum.  
Maybe too many people were using flash, and ruined it
for those of us who would never.  I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Apparently, the people in the museum didn't like visitors taking pictures at arm's length!
    They tried this at the Louvre, but people took no notice and the authorities had to give in.
    Obviously, flash will do no harm to sculpture or to mineral pigments in paint.

  2. Cool idea pairing these interesting shots together Alexa!

  3. That photo is the perfect example of the breathless moment when you are there.
    I would frame it and look at it every day :-)


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