Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Challenge — "two"

As I understand it, the job of gondoliere is
usually passed down from father to son—
but what to do when there are two?
I imagine these guys learned to share
 from early on—and they still do.

[To see more on the theme, visit 
the Thursday Photo Challenge.]


  1. I like how the steps reiterate the stripes theme, and, of course, the red really makes it.

    They look tired, like they can’t wait to get out of their work clothes and into their regular street clothes.

  2. aw, these two are cute.
    & I LOVE yesterdays foggy bridge shot!

  3. Twins of a gondolier father? They're cute...

  4. I wonder how many gondoliers there are in Venice? They always seems relaxed looking even when on the job.


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