Friday, February 3, 2012

Skywatch Friday

Makes for a fairly dramatic photo,
with a yellow sky and dark clouds
hanging over Queens—but this kind
of weather makes me feel a bit broody.
Is your mood affected by the weather?

[To see more Skywatch, go here.]


  1. very artistic photo...I like the unusual skies like this one, not just the blue sky....I find we have too many dark gloomy skies at this time of year and it really makes me gloomy! That why I blog.

  2. Usually. It began to snow last night and it's piled up and still going strong....

    I like the broodiness of this photo.

  3. I love that shade of yellow (or rather, those shades). Taking a clue from Aldous Huxley I might call it “chrome yellow”.

    This is interesting sailor lore: “...Also, a bright yellow sky at sunset presages wind; a pale yellow sky, wet.” What did your yellow sky presage, Alexa?

    Residing in Southern California I find any weather, other than clear and sunny, rather exciting; especially lightning. Lightning just brings me to life, alas, often a bit too frenetically, but I am all calm and smiles if someone deigns to hold my hand.

  4. Those are some serious clouds. Love the mood of this photo.


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