Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

This one should really be called
"Shadow Shot Monday to Friday,"
because we're all off to work or school.
I just couldn't resist those long shadows!

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  1. Great balance of light and shadow.

    That looks so early in the morning. The sun is nowhere near ripe yet. And cold.

    I am glad you were wearing a cap. Wouldn’t want you to replace your earrings with these.

    Are those bell bottoms over on the right?

    I find myself singing to myself, “♩♪ I shot the shadow, but I did not shoot the deep blue sea♪♬,” (yet...).

  2. Those are indeed long shadows. They stretch over almost half of the roadway. Nice Shot!!

  3. Beautiful shadow shot.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Great variety and size of shadows!
    I like it!

  5. The street looks busy with all those long shadows! Great perspective!

  6. That is a great shot! Something that lots of us see, but few of us think to document :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Seems you had a great weather now!

    Very crisp shot and I love every lil details.

    Greetings from freezing Stockholm,

  8. Reminds me of walking around in the city... surprising that there are so few shadows, must have been early - lol
    Hugs, antonella :-)
    I've linked up with a shadow shot and some free love inspired printables here!

  9. I love that composition! Really great shot!! Do the shadows work too?

    Have a super week!


  10. So were these shadows companions of your shadow or just borrowed in passing? Fun shot. :)

  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Muffin's Shadow

  12. The looong stretch of the world under the horizon line. :-)

  13. These are wonderful shadows. I love to shoot my own shadow and that of my husband. They always make us look so tall when we are actually pretty short. Nice post this week. genie

  14. Your photos are a visual delight and I'd love to return. Such talent! Of course its one of my favourite spots - NYC!


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