Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

There's nothing blooming in the botanic garden
at the moment (though with the warm winter
we've been having, I'll bet the spring bulbs
will be popping up early). But even when it is
really cold outside, you can always head indoors
to admire their excellent collection of bonsai trees.

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. I like the laciness of the shadow—as if it were a laser-cut silhouette.

    Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm) is a popular choice with bonsai enthusiasts.

    I thought this guy of yours looked familiar. You can see it 19-24 seconds in here (not much shadow, alas).

  2. I think Bonsai trees are cool. Never had one; they're expensive and I have not got a green thumb.ildMor 0.25

  3. Amazing filigree like detail in this beautiful bonsai shadow! Stunning photo!

  4. Beautiful shadow shot.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. I find Bonsai fascinating and this is a stunning shadow shot!

  6. Love the lacy shadow that creates!

  7. I love the (seeming) simplicity of it.


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