Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo Hunter — "half"

I like to link my posts back to a meme
(like this one)—it's fun to see what others
have done and it's usually a challenge.
But this one was such a challenge that I almost 
gave up and didn't post anything for "half." 
 Then Wednesday night I was in the Village  and 
saw this. May not be the most fascinating (or most beautiful)
picture, but that's definitely half a couch (or two 
halves of one)! I have to wonder why (and how) they did that.
Just realized that I've been inspired by
tossed-out furniture before.

[You can head over here to see how others
interpreted this one.]


  1. Something to do with fitting? Fitting in the trash truck? Fitting out the door or window? Or did it have something to do with a certain rehearsal for this that somehow went terribly wrong?

  2. I see so mant half pieces of furniture tossed out here I don't even give it a second glance anymore. But I've hardly ever seen it elsewhere, come to think of it! Wonder what the reason is!

  3. Down stairs or in the elevator? To make each piece weigh less for the carriers? Fun with tools?

    I like the lights over on the left, even though it looks like daytime. Burgeoning twilight? And how convenient to have that red arrow pointing at your meme potential.

  4. I hope it wasn't one of those, "You want half of everything? Fine!" situations.

  5. Your solution is great.
    But I wonder what people that does placing their old stuff right on the Street, what do they think?
    Helped my son and DIL the past two days to get rid of old stuff from the apartment they just bought. Everthing was brought to the deposit for reuse.

    Mine here:

  6. I wonder why some people would just leave their old furniture on the streets like that.

    Happy Weekend. My half entry is posted.


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