Monday, May 24, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

This is La Mela (the apple), on Mulberry
Street in the heart of Little Italy. Looks like a
total tourist trap, I know, but my family loves
this place. In fact, we took our daughter Lila
and her friends to dinner here after her
graduation from NYU. It's definitely cheesy—
but also lots of fun!

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  1. this does look fun - now I will have to try eating here.
    : )

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  3. It looks very much like the place I had lunch when in NYC ! Yes, certainly a tourist place, hard not to be where it stands, a little crowded and noisy but so nice and warm people !
    My niece showed there unexpected while we were already eating and they managed to get us an extra chair, made room for her and served her a plate of pastas so quickly that she had desert with us !!
    Thank you for bringing back to my mind such nice memories !!!

  4. Hi,
    questo ristorante deve essere sicuramente italiano !!
    Cosa c'è di buono oggi ?
    Happy day :-)

  5. Sometimes tourist traps can still be good. I go to some, sometimes, but in off-hours and off season. I'd give this place a try! And to think that I say it on Mulberry Street! Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

  6. Cheesy is also mellow yellow, so doubly appropriate! It looks like a fun place, and that has to be a good thing.

  7. San Francisco's North Beach has quite a few restaurants with outdoor seating and they are pretty darn good. This reminds me of them.

  8. looks like a nice place.
    nice capture


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