Wednesday, May 19, 2010

abc wednesday - R is for "real estate"

Even if I won the lottery big-time, I'd still stay in
Brooklyn (with an apt. in Paris as well, of course)—
probably in my own nabe of Park Slope (#1 in

neighborhoods). Although . . . if I had the

bucks and this charming converted carriage
house in Brooklyn Heights came on the market,
I might be seriously tempted!

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  1. Hey, aren’t we the discerning group of oglers. No wonder we stop off here: To visit the best person in the best neighborhood. Who knew? But we could’ve guessed.

    Even Mick Jagger might like that place. He could see a red door and also have one painted black. (Or is that a gate?)

  2. Neat as a pin, and does that red door welcome good feng shui? Given your fine taste, Alexa, I'm not surprised to learn that you're in a fine neighbourhood.

    Say, did you only put up the new banner today, or have I been unobservant? Love the PTDDs!

  3. From what I saw of Brooklyn, I'd have to agree with you....and of course about the apartment in Paris. Even a room.

    I like this carriage house very much.

  4. TG -- Awwww.

    Shell -- The banner has been there for 3 days. I was wondering when you'd notice all those PTDDs!

    Bibi -- What you saw of Brooklyn is exactly the neighborhood where this little house can be found.

  5. wow!
    & your plans are good ones Alexa.

  6. In another life, maybe, I'll live in such a house ! And in a flat in Paris and also in a palazzo (?) in Venisia !!!!!! With all of you, my friends ...

  7. That's not a bad piece of real estate! I might get tempted myself (if I were a rich woman).

  8. Lived in NYC for many years. Miss it. You bring it back.

  9. Nice house! Love the red door. Now I need to go buy some lottery tickets....

  10. There's a carriage house in Albany not that far from my church. Covet, covet...

    Love the door.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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