Friday, May 7, 2010

Skywatch Friday

And this is the tippy-top of the
New York's very first skyscraper
(aka PTDD).  And I swear I
didn't touch this shot—the sky
really was that blue.

[See more Skywatch here.]


  1. I believe the color Alexa. We have some amazing blue skies in these parts!
    & this is a beautiful building. I never knew that about it being the first skyscraper.

  2. I want to go back to New York !! And not only for that gorgeous sky and building, the first of its kind !

  3. Welcome back Marylène. I hadn't been able to stop by here without wondering about your absence. Hope all is well. All is well here, now that we know that you have returned and are OK.

    I think I am busted as a tourist. Even all the way across the North American continent I’m lifting my head up and gawking at all the wonders Alexa shows us.

    Considering the Woolworth Building’s Neo-Gothic provenance one wonders if lunch hour there could be something like this.

  4. Pointy-topped Doo-dad!!! That sky is saturated ~ amazing. And I love seeing this auspicious skyscraper. Thanks, Alexa!

    Marylène, ditto to Tall Gary ~ so lovely to see you again!

  5. I can believe the sky was that blue! This is a beautiful tribute to the Woolworth Building!

  6. The Cathedral of commerce... One of my favorite!

  7. I love blue skies like this!

  8. Very nice reflection of the skies.
    Exactly, observed...i like it so much

  9. Thank you for your concern and your nice words, Tall Gary and Shell Sheree.
    I am fine and everything is OK, except that I would have needed a 25th or 26th or even a 27th hour of day sometimes to have time (and energy) for Internet and my Blogger friends !!!
    My daughter's old "new apartement" to renovate while preparing her wedding plus the everyday usual tasks was just a bit too much !!!


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