Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Challenge: Work

This is what I look at while I'm working:
a 2009 calendar retrofitted for 2010,
our prez back when, Shell Sherree's
fab art, my gorgeous girls, Paris, and Venice 
(including Pierre from Venice
Daily Photo's wonderful shot of the
Rialto Market after hours). What's on
your office wall?

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  1. Her artwork is nice, isn’t it? And I say that not just because I have a personal interest...

    I’m kind of guessing that K-Butt is on top.

    My office? I wish I could say this view. But, actually, it is more like this. No office, no work. Minimal income... Think I’ll open that bottle of cheap wine now; read; or watch another Yasujiro Ozu movie from the fifties. The only dead line I have is something like, “Do you come here often?”

  2. Truthfully, not much, except things kids have written/drawn (my studentd).

    I do have a little meditating frog that sits there.

    You can see it here

  3. No office, well, no "real one" !
    Volunteer work rarely offers you one ! Ours is the only heated room of the warehouse we have been given, very small but highly coveted !!!!
    On the walls, nothing personal, just lots of notes, copies of emails, a calendar,photos of the founder of the association but also cards, drawings and poems we got from the persons we try to help.
    So really no need to add anything else.....

  4. Alexa, I'm incredibly touched, honoured and chuffed to be included in such company!!! How lovely.

    As for my office ~ quite a muddle of framed and unframed cards and postcards and little drawings, plus sticky notes and tags with quotes I love. And an Ella calendar!

  5. TG -- Ha Ha. Actually, "K-butt" is on the bottom (wocka wocka).

  6. Photographs and art
    serve to set my desk apart
    from all the others.

    Chinese tanker workers

  7. Oops. Surely it is too soon for my memories of Ms K to be growing so cold. Or is it?

    Not to leave someone so special out, reading Lila’s name automatically triggers images of Apatosaurus skeletons seen across what must have been the African veldt.

  8. Everything is so artistically laid out. Very soothing. So zen!


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