Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photo Hunter — "memorial"

This one to Lin Ze Xu (1785–1850)
stands in Kimlau (aka Chatham) Square, 
in Chinatown. As for the
details, I'll let Wikipedia tell you.
Have a great weekend (a nice long
one here in the U.S.)!

[See more "memorials" here.]


  1. Don't know this fellow, so I'm off to Wiki! Thanks for posting this...always ready to learn something new.

  2. he was a good role model! nice post. Happy Memorial Day.

  3. Good thing there's wiki to help us know their history ;) Thanks for sharing this! Enjoy your weekend.

    I'm a bit late, but here is my entry -

    Mariposa's PhotoHunt

  4. Who is he? I guess I've got to check Wiki too.

    My photohunt post is up

  5. interesting statue. have a wonderful weekend.

  6. As if anyone could possibly care, it is interesting to see the names of some of those who profited enormously from the trade Lin Ze Xu opposed.

  7. Sorry I am late getting to your PhotoHunt post. I read the Wikipedia article and it looks like he deserves a memorial statue. Great take on this week's theme and have a super weekend.

  8. Surprised a western country would honour Lin Zexu. He was the man who sort of started the Opium war in China.

    The British would not like him.


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