Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photo Hunter — "Mother"

I featured my own mother recently for her
90th birthday—but the other day I found this 
clever array of mommies both dearest
and . . . not so much.  I'm still grateful for the 
one I got—and Happy Mother's Day to
all the moms who happen by here.

[See more Photo Hunter shots here.]


  1. Haha! Like you, Alexa, I'm ever so grateful for the mother I have. And Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Surprising picture.
    In France, Mother's Day is on May 30th, does each country has its own day or is it just us in France who have another day ?

  3. Ha, love this. That book/movie told quite a story.

    Marylene, here in Serbia the equivalent of Mother's Dsy falls in the autumn or winter, I believe, but isn't so celebrated. I'll try to catch it next time it rolls around and post something.

  4. This is one terrific post and the words are so endearing.

    Here is my collage for the mom, me and my daughter. HERE

    Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Excellent Photo.
    And you are lucky to have your Mother, still at 90 (like my mother)

  6. mothers are so special I think we cherish them more every year

  7. I love this one very creative! Happy Mommy day!

    Mother Nature

  8. Clever take on the theme. That one in the middle kind of makes you wonder. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.


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