Saturday, May 22, 2010

photo Hunter — "monthly"

Welcome to my world: I work on at least
two (and sometimes three) monthly
magazines—though not these. However,
I am glad I live in a city where I can get
(for example) French Elle Décor, Vogue,
or Marie Claire Maison whenever I want.
So, what magazines do you read?

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  1. I subscribe to more than I read. The ones I look forward to most these days are The Week; Discover; The Economist (mostly for the stuff in the back); and the Smithsonian isn’t so bad sometimes. I’m a little worried though. This one seems to be a little late this month or has it been more than a month already?

    Recently I was thinking this might be happening monthly. You know, her starring in yet another smasharoo movie.

    Gosh, all those girly magazines. My computer monitor is just reeking from the perfume samples. With my apocryphal dermatitis and hay fever I’ve had enough of scratch and sniff.

    I do love browsing magazine sections like that though. Well maybe not exactly like that...

  2. i do not subscribe but i read when there are available ones. time is not enough and the books in the shelf are shouting to be read.

    your take is very apt for today's theme!

  3. I've really cut down. I only get one or two, Bon Appetit and a travel magazine. I read most everything on-line instead.

    Nice job on interpreting this week's theme. You are lucky to have the international versions. I have to go to Borders to find them.

  4. I miss book/magazine stores (in English). I love the smell, the collection.... I mostly read magazines I find at the American Corner here, and some local ones, but in the US I buy the occasional photo magazine and the Shambhala Sun.

  5. I think the monthly magazine idea is second only to the bills for this weeks theme. Good job and who's got tome to read magazines??? Not me.


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