Tuesday, May 18, 2010

out on a ledge

I was in the same building where I caught this shot
 I don't know what this guy was doing 
walking around Grand Central Terminal—just 
making sure everything's okay, I guess. 
I'm not afraid of heights, but if you put me out 
on that not-nearly-wide-enough ledge, 
I think I'd be hugging the building pretty darn tight! 
 Wait—a close look shows me that there's a wire running
around the perimeter just above the ledge.
I'll bet he's attached to it—whew! I
 feel so much better now!

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  1. AIEEE! I wouldn't be going out on that ledge! I respect those who can.

  2. I always thought I was not afraid of heighs but no way I could walk there !!
    BTW, Alexa, your camera is always "prête à bondir" !!!

  3. Ni moi, Marylene (and Ms M)! I took this shot from the 17th floor, not that far above this ledge across the street. As I said, I think he's attached to something—but those things he's wearing look suspiciously like bungee cords!

  4. I’m glad you are OK with this. Me? I keep hearing someone yell, ‘Gimme your hand! Gimme your hand!

  5. Yikes! I'm with you. I get wobbly-kneed even looking at this.

    There was something in the paper today about a woman walking on a roof here and someone called the police, thinking she was going to jump, but all she was doing was tidying up her rooftop terrace!

  6. I'll see Ms M's "Aieee" and raise it an "Arggggghhhh!" That little weensy fine wire doesn't reassure me. ;) Especially with such beautiful carving to distract from watching one's step.

  7. Wow - he looks so tiny out there on the ledge.

  8. Yes, he does look tiny. Good eye seeing him! I sure hope he was attached to a safety harness.

  9. Oh! This shot makes «Louis'» acrophobia go into overdrive!


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