Wednesday, May 5, 2010

abc wednesday - P is for "picnic"

Here's how we do it when we're in Venice:
First, it helps if you're staying in a hotel with a 
beautiful garden (in this case, the
Accademia). Then, you go to the Rialto
Market in the morning and get the things that 
appeal—we chose tomatoes, pears,
apricots, grapes, bread, cheese, prosciutto,
and wine—all super fresh.  This is living!

[See how others interpreted the letter "P"
—or play yourself— here.]


  1. this certainly is living Alexa. I loved picnicking in Italy, sweet sweet memories!

  2. I am so sold. Gardens like that in Venice? According to the nice little video: rare, but two of them at the Accademia. And that private bank along the Grand Canal with docking for private gondolas. Mama mia!

    Let me second Lily: You know how to live. Salute!

  3. I could get very, very used to this.... Yum.

  4. Oh wow! This gave me a real taste for a holiday - together with the change in the british weather!
    Says it all really!
    Thanks so much for contributing,

    Denise (ABC Team)

  5. That's living, no matter where one lays down the picnic rug ~ but Venice sprinkles an extra serving of magic dust, doesn't it!

  6. Love doing picnic in the park and just enjoy the fresh air, scenery and the food, of course! Happy weekdays!

    ABC Wednesday~P

  7. A perfect way of life - a picnic!

  8. A lovely spread in a lovely setting.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. It makes want to join your picnic over there so i can have some of that food. hehe thanks for sharing happy ABC wednesday.

  10. I so want to visit Venice! And now I know where to go to get fruit and veggies!

  11. Oh, how i wish it was summer here :)

  12. I love picnics if it weren't for the ants, mosquitoes, bugs, etc.


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