Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunset over Red Hook

Red Hook is another part of Brooklyn that is becoming newly
gentrified. Ships dock there, and these cranes are used
to offload containers. This shot was taken by my daughter Lila.
I share it with you because it's amazing, and also because we
spent $100,000 plus for her to get a degree in Art History and
Photography at NYU, and I'd like to think that this photo is at
least partial proof of money well spent. What do you think?


  1. BTW, I should probably mention that this photo is absolutely undoctored.

  2. Alexa, I think this photo is AMAZING! (and I'm not talking corn as in...well, you know, maize!)[take foot out of mouth here for bad joke] Anywho, speaking of corn, the photo reminds me of looking out over the plains of the Midwest at a couple of combines having put in another tough day under the sun. Such a powerful image of Americana. These colors are spectacular. If this photo is any indication of your daughter's talents, I don't think you'll have to worry about getting the money back. She's got THE CAMERA EYE...and I can only hope she's including photos like this in her portfolio. I take it she comes by the talent naturally,eh. ;-)

  3. Alexa,
    I think this is the BEST pic among the Bests on the blog!!:)

    The pic reminds me of the shots they normally take on the discovery channel, whose photographyz i really love!!:) AMAZING!!!:)

    I'm really sorry I couldn't come yday...was terribly tied up with work!:) Meet you in Bombay soon and I shall be back in NY later today!!;-)

  4. You guys are too much. Really it's just a snapshot, taken with a tiny point and shoot camera. Anyone could have taken it, expensive education or not . . . but thanks!! The cranes kind of remind me of animals grazing out on the plains.

  5. Yes, animals grazing out on the plains. Grazing on luminous stars.

    Thought of J.M.W. Turner. Here, here, and here.

  6. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    And tall gary -- wow! Great linkage.

  7. This photo would be a fantastic entry into the Sky Watch Friday meme hosted by Wiggers World.

    For Sky Watch over at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo, we have a dance between the moon and the fog at midnight.


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