Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Challenge—"leaves"

This time last year, I had just returned home
from Paris, where I took this shot of a carpet of fallen
leaves in a pretty little pocket park in the Marais.

As happy as I am to travel to Paris, today I'm grateful to 
be right here where I'll enjoy a turkey dinner with 
family and friends.  If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, 
I hope you're with the ones you love too.

[To see more of the Thursday Photo Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. They look like lovely trinkets!

  2. A cornucopia of colors standing in for a cornucopia of blessings.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Alexa. I know exactly what you mean by being home. Love these leaves; fall, I think, is my favorite season.

  4. Happy thanksgiving!
    Beautifull colors in this picture! I van't help it, I always want to walk right through the leaves and kick them away!

  5. beautiful color! Happy Thanksgiving Alexa, I am glad you were home with your loved ones.

  6. Beautiful photo! Just recovering from a three day celebration of the holiday. Football game at Darrel K. Royal Stadium to see TCU beat UT Longhorns. It was my nephews final performance as a Senior in the Longhorn band. Surrounded by our latest family additions of a daughter in law, her daughter and father we enjoyed the traditional turkey dinner.


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