Tuesday, November 18, 2014

la porte rouge

Day before yesterday, I showed you a building on
boulevard Saint-Germain.  Well, this place is right
next door—but they've injected a bit of color.

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  1. ahhh...I love red doors...:)

  2. wow - stunning photo!

  3. I’m sure that Mick and Keith and friends will change the lyrics of one of their songs for you (at least when they see this) to:
    ♩♫ I see a red door and don’t want it painted black
    Warm colors all the more don’t want them to turn black
    I see the girls go by dressed just like summers yore
    I have to turn my head back to that striking door ♬♪

    Well, you get the idea.

    Speaking of rhymes of black (ha), those two cracks in the arched lintel have me worried, and they are both in the same place (symmetrically speaking).

    That dappled sunlight really did a number on this photo (of course: #36).

    There is something downright regal about this. I must say I like it.

  4. Very interesting red door.

  5. I love doors and this one is fantastic! The red color, the scroll work inside the circles that look like an N &R and the stone entablature, all just beautiful!

  6. When the works in my apartment are done while I'm in the US, I am going to come back and paint my front door some shocking color. Inside and out..... I love your red door.

  7. My feng shui just exploded in a confetti shower ~ how gorgeous, dear Alexa !


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