Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Challenge: "architecture"

I dug deep into the archives for this shot
of the Parthenon
(I took it 26 years ago,
with Kodachrome—remember that?).
As I recall, we weren't allowed to get much closer than this.
Even so, I was lucky to capture it without any people in the frame.
  Or maybe everyone else
 was smart enough not to be out 

in the blazing sun, on a treeless Greek hill, in July, at noon.

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  1. Whether architecture or architrave you have them nailed here. Thanks for “those nice bright colors.”

    It is amazing that the Parthenon is nearly 2,500 years old and yet it still has an influence on how things are built even today, for example.

    I hope you were wearing a hat. And carrying water. For a day like that I found just the thing to carry water bottles.

  2. Isn't it wonderfull to see such an ancient building still "standing"?? I was there many, many years ago and was very impressed by it.
    Photography is alot easier now than in the kodachrome days, when we had to wait for the pictures to come back from the shop to see if they were anything good:-))

  3. Definitely remember the Kodachrome! I think too that there were fewer tourists then, but you were still lucky to get no people in the shot. I do remember being one of the stupid who did go walking around on the acropolis, around noon, on a scorcher of a day. I sat down, exhausted, and some nice Italian woman sprayed me with her water spritzer she carried. I bought one when back down in the city.

  4. I will be having the song Kodachrome in my mind for days. Love the photo!


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