Friday, November 21, 2014


. . . which means "to our health!" in Hungarian.
This glass of rosé was enjoyed at the Ari Kupsus
Gallery, in Budapest, where I bought a (very) small 

painting by my favorite Hungarian artist, 
Maté Orr, a lovely and very talented young man.
(I was introduced to Maté by my wonderful
new friends, Jane and Lance Hattatt, who
featured him on their own blog.)

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  1. A perfect still life for what looks like an exhibition of stills life? Still lives? Still lifes? Or as much of it as I can discern seen upside down and convexly swimming in your glass. The color of the wine looks a bit like Konyári Rosé, but a quick Google search led to more Hungarian rosés than I could drink in a week. Most of it, I’m sure, pleasing to drink at a gallery.

    (We won’t call that lint on the glass, let’s call it bouquet manifest.)

  2. Darling Alexa,

    What a beautiful way to capture a simply perfect time together.

    We have been ill for weeks now and, indeed, so has Mate who has lost his hearing.

    This picture is a wonderful reminder of happier days. Cheers!

  3. I love Budapest but I would hate to have to learn Hungarian. :-) Great reflection Alexa!

  4. a great shot, and cheers to your health and love of art!

  5. Lovely color of the wine; a bit like a gris de Provence. Good reflections you swallowed, too. ;)

  6. Marvellous reflection of the painting in the glass. Have a great weekend.

  7. I like the reflection in the glass.

  8. That's such a clever refection.

  9. I woke up today and realized that certain of Mr. Orr’s paintings have an affinity for ancient-Egyptian, animal-headed gods like here".

    I was thinking, at first, that that Hungarian toast up there, at the top would be way beyond me. Then—Google Translation to the rescue—we can get some idea of the pronunciation by clicking the tiny speaker in the bottom left corner (I hope) here: égeszségünkre.

    Reading Jane and Lance Hattatt’s comment has made me decide to propose a toast to them and Mr. Orr this evening: Health! (To translate it as “Cheers” might be inappropriate in this case, at this time).

  10. Cheers to you too, Alex ! And thanks for the link ; the discovery is a real pleasure.

  11. Amazing reflection of the paintings in a glass... Budapest is really beautiful city...

  12. The reflection is so sharp, great shot


  13. Nice photo with the reflections of art in the wine!

  14. A lovely photo of a treasured memory with Ari (and Lance and Jane) and then spiriting our artist's treasures away. I am looking for another visit!



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