Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday

This bridge traverses the lake/ice-skating pond 
(depending on the season) in Városliget (City Park), in 
Budapest—one of the first public parks in the world. 
It's a lovely spot for a stroll and a picnic on 
sunny day, but we were there late at night.
(Thanks to the floodlights around the lake, there
were still some excellent shadows!)

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. I like how the different positions of the lights (unseen) give the shadows a kind of “multiple exposure” effect.

    If the environment is safe I love night-time walks.

  2. What a lovely pattern this bridge makes!

  3. Amazing shot, I would love to visit again

  4. Excellent shadow shot! Lovely to imagine walking there....


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