Tuesday, November 25, 2014

cute commute

Most of the time, I hate having to ride

the subway—especially at rush hour, when
I feel like the bottom fish in a can of
cranky sardines.  But there are those times
when I catch a nice, roomy ride and 

a fellow commuter just makes me smile.

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  1. “I feel like the bottom fish in a can of cranky sardines.” Wow. That is an impressive simile.

    And the smile has been passed forward. Thanks.

    I must say the density of people in the subway car looks about like Tokyo at 5:37 A.M.

    Crowded subways: now that rings a bell. Admittedly this was probably an exceptional situation (an approaching storm) yet much the same as after a nearby fireworks festival. But really, having watched the clip to the end, it is no more crowded (perhaps less) than rush hour. This is just more of the same (no need to click on the link): a normal weekday morning commute from an area I consider the boonies.

    I am happy that you could find yourself with all that empty space and congenial co-riders. It looks like there were two of you on that subway car leading a a dog’s life.

  2. Never been on a subway but always wanted to try it just once. :)
    Cutest little dog, ever. :)

  3. What a cute companion, he/she would make me smile too. I love dogs.. Have a happy week!

  4. What a cute dog :))
    Great photos :))

  5. That company is surely enjoyable.

  6. Did I mention that I like the rhyming alliteration of your title: “cute commute”?

    I wonder if it is like sensory overload for a dog to be overwhelmed by all the aromas encountered in a situation like that. Curious but unmoved. What discipline! Maybe it has gone from a physical to an intellectual appreciation.

  7. So cute - I can hardly take it!
    & I like your sardine analogy(?).
    Happy Thanksgiving sweet Alexa,
    : )

  8. I, too, loved that sardine analogy and found the Chihuahua to be unequivocally cute. We can take small dogs on transit in Vancouver but they have to enclosed in a carry case. I've managed to sneak Black Jack on the sky train once.. she's a great traveller. Thanks for the fun post!

  9. I am beginning to appreciate Chihuahuas. A friend has one and he's adorable and not yappy. They are portable pups, too. I love your photo.


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