Saturday, November 15, 2014

arriving in Budapest

I've shown the Nyugati Railway Terminal
but I think it deserves another shot—this
time of Eiffel's lacy iron framework seen 
the 19th-century wavy-glass windows.

[To see more of the Weekend in Black and White,
visit Dragonstar's meme.  I'm also linking back
to the B and W Photography Project, at PODcast.]


  1. Gorgeous b&w composition!
    My post at:

  2. The ironwork is wonderful to see! Great atmospheric photo.

  3. After looking at this photo for a while, coming back to it again today, I realized that it has elements much in common with your previous post: They both incorporate sunlight shining through or onto glass. The image of that second row of stylized snowflakes is being cast by the sun on the window in the foreground. There is only one row of those metalwork “snowflakes” at the facade.

    The metalwork is 19th century but your photo also exudes a 19th century atmosphere. The apparent blotching, fading, distortion, bleaching, and streaking makes this image itself seem like a 19th century ghost of memory. Like an archaic albumen print left to weather in the elements to be discovered in the 21st century, rescued and stabilized by that supporting rectangular grid. It is doing what ghosts do well: it is haunting.

  4. This is a beautiful shot of a beautiful old building. They just don't build things like this anymore and you managed to get the ambiance of that era. (I've only looked at about 2o images posted on B&W Weekend, so far, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

    (Visiting from B&W Weekend. My image is #54 CJ@ProArtz)

  5. That's a great capture and the black and white really highlights the detail #bwphotoprojecr

  6. Stunning photo, looks beautiful in black and white, really highlights the detail.

  7. This is the first time I visited your blog and I love the about me details. The photo is really lovely. So many interesting features and yet not busy in the eyes =) #bwphotoproject


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