Wednesday, September 8, 2010

abc wednesday - H is for "hands"

Whenever I look at a piece of art—painting,
sculpture, photograph, whatever—if there
are hands in it, that's where my eye is drawn.
And when you take a LOT of photos, it's nice
sometimes to focus in for a change.

[See more "H" photos here at abc wednesday.]


  1. every one of these hands you have photographed are exquisite.
    You have a wonderful eye for all things beautiful Alexa!

  2. Lovely hands. I see we had the same thing in mind for 'h'!

  3. I could only recognize the “oil” painting in the bottom right corner: Manet’s “Olympia.” Or is that Money’s “Oilpumpia”? I thought of Carpeaux’s “Dance” because of the tambourine on the middle left but the hand is a different one. So what are those?

    Altogether some great images. You deserve a hand.

  4. Excellent choice of H-word! I almost chose hands for this challenge myself.
    Hands can be so expressive in art. Lovely images.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's H-word-abcWed

  5. A lovely idea - to focus on something different when looking at photographs!

    ABC Team

  6. I love the way you've gathered these together, Alexa. Your eye is every bit as beautiful as these hands.

    TG, I'm torn between admiration for your intellect and admiration for your wit. I guess I don't have to choose, do I!

    Say, my wv is bringo. Legs eleven!

  7. What a nice collage ! I never thought about hands, probably too easy, lol !

    from the ABC team

  8. Clever concept that did not occur to me.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. TG -- HA! There's probably a small notebook somewhere in which I recorded relevant info about these shots when I took them. If only I could find it.
    The only other one I'm 100% sure of is the top left—it's one of Caravaggio's three St. Matthew paintings in the church of San Luigi dei Francese, in Rome.

  10. Aha. Got it. Thanks. Alexa.

    Shell: And I am torn between admiration for your beauty and admiration for your superlative talent. I wish I could somehow express this in my own skilled artwork but my ability in that field is relegated to stick figures.

  11. a lovely poem, you truly hits home!

  12. {Blush} TG, you've outdone yourself. What a masterstroke.

  13. I'm roaming around a little here... (sheesh, should be working!), lots of goodies, and just had to say "FAB!" on this montage of hands!


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