Wednesday, September 29, 2010

abc wednesday - K is for "kitsch"

I took this picture in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  If I lived in this house with the
picture window right on the sidewalk, I'd probably preserve my privacy
with a curtain of lush plants.  These homeowners have opted to share their
Betty Boop collection—which is entertaining if a bit bizarre.

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  1. Each to his/her own, I guess! "My" Betty Boop was at least in a shop window.

    I still kind of like these, though I don't think I'd put them in my own window!

  2. I like the plant idea though the Boops are fun. Good K word.

  3. I wonder what the garden gnomes think about it. This reminds me of a house located on a main road heading into the city ~ they have plate glass windows on their front verandah and there's a mannequin dressed in a nun's habit on display. I still haven't figured it out.

  4. Ooooo, I nearly forgot Betty Boop, she cute....
    Thank´s for reminding me!

    Annelie E
    ABC Wednesday team

  5. Here again, great minds think alike! but your post is even kitschier than mine!
    I like how all the Bettys are standing on what looks like Astro Turf too!

  6. Boo Boo Be Doop! I'm LOL at these cuties in the window. The owners have GOT to fun !

  7. if those are collectables, i wouldn't put 'em in a window to get faded. but i like the idea.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Probably worth a lot...but I think the plant idea is good.

  9. Love it! Great photo and definitely "kitschy"!

  10. It may be a bit bizarre but it is almost like a store window with its display. I'm glad Bibi chimed in with her link as I was going to mention it. Great minds....


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