Friday, September 10, 2010

Skywatch Friday

I usually get back to Brooklyn after work
and don't linger in the city. But if I hadn't been out 
with a friend the other night I would have 
missed this sight—from a couple of miles uptown, 
we could see these two blue beams shining up into the 
night sky from the site of the Trade Towers 
and this shot was taken by City Hall, 
about six blocks from Ground Zero.

[See more Skywatch shots here.]


  1. eam us up, Alexa. That's fantastic how you captured those blue beams!!

  2. I'm glad you were there to see this, Alexa, and likewise, glad I'm here to see it.

  3. Great sky shot! I'm glad you didn't miss it.

  4. Great capture of a sight that still makes me sad.

  5. thanks for sharing this Alexa - I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

  6. This is a super SkyWatch Friday shot, Alexa! (Thank you also so much for the note you left for Louis... I couldn't agree with you more; I just didn't a comment from me would carry much weight. That link to the commentary Nathalie left him says is all for me: a super week!


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