Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "music"

That's right—it's the fabulously
talented Lone Sharks! Hey,
did you really think I'd choose
anything other than my baby bro's
band for this particular challenge?

{You can hear them play in this

[See more music here.]


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  2. Ooh, look what I found. Not to mention this. Do those red and green lights in your photo serve to remind us that Christmas in less than four months away? Yet the right time to gift oneself is always now.

  3. TG -- but on the back of the What Happened CD is a picture taken by . . . guess who. As for the lone Lone Shark (whoever he is), I'm sure he can't hold a candle to "my" Sharks! :~}

  4. Cool! Which one is your brother? Ha, ha, to Gary!

  5. Hello, Alexa's baby bro! I'm glad it's just the lighting, and they aren't actually green around the gills.

    Nice finds, TG!

  6. you are such a sweet big sister Alexa!


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