Thursday, September 23, 2010

thursday Challenge — "fun"

A costume party in a barn that's been
retrofitted as party central: dance floor
downstairs, bar up—add in some rockin'
sounds (The Lone Sharks, who else?), and
you have some major fun! I especially like
those cute cowgirls (but I would!).

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  1. I love costume parties....haven't been to one though in quite a while. I think people of my generation don't do this anymore, sniff.

  2. I'm glad I enlarged this - that Frankenstein is the best!

  3. Costumes are fun and with Mardi Gras we have about a month of parties and costumes. What a colorful, fun party you captured!

  4. Not much room to get around at that party. But maybe that's part of the fun as well...


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