Wednesday, September 22, 2010

abc wednesday - J is for "just married"

Oh, wait—there's no ring on her finger.
Okay, make that "just [about to be]
married." Since when do they take the
photos before the ceremony? Is this
something new?

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  1. Oh, cute.... Maybe she's Eastern Orthodox and wears the ring on the right hand/ ;0

    Both my kids/future spouses at the time were asked if they wanted to do their photos a DAY ahead of time (NO!). It is the custom here to do the 'in the park' photos before the wedding, though.

    Sorry I've been 'absent'; under the weather.

  2. hmmm, this is a big mystery isn't it?
    What could possibly explain this?
    Bibi must be right.
    I have to say Alexa, you really do notice everything. Were you a detective in a former life?

  3. Hope you're feeling much better, Bibi.

    Lily, I agree that Bibi is probably right. And I have been a fashion models' agent, artist's model, bartender (very briefly), translator and guide (of sorts), English teacher, nurse's aide, travel agent, and (some would say) rock 'n' roll tramp—but never a detective!

  4. I was reading today's comments and trying to think of some whimsical observation about your photo, Alexa, when your "rock'n'roll tramp" made me laugh out loud. You are a treat!

  5. I agree with Lily's comment - observational skills are outstanding! I was just thinking what a lovely dress etc and what a lovely couple - ahhhhhhhhhh ever the romantic! Never a detective. What would Poirot have made of me!

    Great post
    ABC Team

  6. THEY DO look happy, whatever their status of the moment
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Loving just married photo. You are observant!

  8. What a romantic take on the theme!! maybe she wears her ring in her right hand?? just saying...

    My ABC Wednesday

  9. I've had cousins who did the photos before the ceremony to save time. personally I don't like it but I guess it's up to them

  10. Alexa, you have quite an interesting resumé and an incredible sense of humor! I love the details and quite often I don't see them until I inspect my photos.

    Nice shot, with or without a ring.

  11. Ring or no, it's a GREAT pic--really shows off the back of the dress/veil combination.


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