Thursday, September 2, 2010

thursday Challenge — "technology"

My kids like to point out how technologically challenged
I am. But not for nuthin' (as we say in Brooklyn), I
actually do know how to use all these things (and more).
Don't know about you, but I just seem to accumulate
more and more cameras and computers and drives and
ipods—and chargers, chargers, chargers!

[See more "technology" here.]


  1. I love your photo illustration of your stuff Alexa!
    I have lots of 'stuff' too but most of it's old and I really need to replace things like my phone and my (borrowed) laptop. Plus I am sure I do not use half of the features on either one.

  2. And, you need to pack so many accessories when you travel! Oh, well.

    Love your blog, followed the bread crumbs from ShellSherree's place!

    G'day from Downunder, mate.

  3. Yeah....what do those kids know? My son is impressed when I add a hyperlink to my blog.

    Like your Kindle? I love mine...

  4. I'm always very impressed with your techno-gizmo savvy, Alexa! {Oops, sounds like something one should take for an unsettled tummy...} Perhaps this would be a good one for your Christmas list. I'd love one myself!

    Ciao, Yvonne!!

  5. Lily -- I probably don't either!

    Welcome, Yvonne -- any friend of Shell's . . .

    Bibi -- "like' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about my Kindle!

    Shell -- Woo-hoo—I've already e-mailed Santa!

  6. Alexa -- Yes, and it is a pain when the techno stuff with its charges (and converters) take up as much room as the clothes and shoes! I have a tiny laptop for travel but the charger weighs as much as it does.

    Great post!

  7. I am really a " rural housewife" !! I have an old (very old) computer still working on XP, a basic digital camera and cellphone that I just use to call, I think it is able to take pictures but never used it. And I have to confess I don't know what a Kindle is !!!
    Will you all still accept to talk to me after that confession ??????

  8. And nobody spoke about "remote controls!... the only one in our family of five who does not know how to handle them is me... that says it all.
    Your blog is fun.


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