Friday, September 17, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Well, the sky is only partially visible in this shot,
but it loomed large here in Brooklyn yesterday,
when a tornado tore through my block (and from
what I found when I got home, right into my
apartment!). This is my building, and one of
three trees on my street that were torn up from
the roots—each one tossed in a different direction.
Almost sorry I just missed it, as I was riding home
safe underground on the subway.

[See more Skywatch pics here.]


  1. Tornadoes are indeed something to watch for in the sky -- I hope no one was hurt.

  2. I was thinking of you when I heard all the reports on the radio! It seems the city got it the worst. I feel bad for all the commuters who were stuck in Penn Station too.
    I hope your apartment is OK Alexa!

  3. Glad you don’t drive. Hope the mess in your apartment turns out to be more temporary inconvenience than damage and loss.

    A brick building could be better to live in during the passing of a huffing and puffing tornado than a wood-frame or glass building (barring a roof torn off).

    I read that just before the storm the sky turned an ugly green. That makes me shudder.

    You certainly are at the center of things today, Alexa. So sorry it was near the center of a tornado funnel. Perhaps it is better to be near than in.

    Adding a few colors to that green in the sky, let’s hope this tornado somehow has a rainbow lining.

  4. Yikes. Good thing you were under the ground and not under the tree. WV is buriou (Bury you?--that's what would have happened...)

  5. Impressive ! hope no damage in your apartment and nobody injured.
    A car can be replaced, repaired and there are insurances, but being hurt by the forces of nature, wind, storm, tornado or flood is so scary !

  6. Oh, heck. I'm so sorry to hear that, Alexa. I hope all's ok for you. And those poor trees ~ how sad.

  7. In Italian, I say "Uffa". What a thing to happen.

    Take care, see you (and Bert) on Venice Daily Photo, which is happier than this occurrence.

  8. Thanks, all! TG -- That green sky (which I witnessed in Manhattan just before I escaped into the subway) was a fearsome thing to see.


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