Tuesday, August 12, 2008

for the Roses

aka from cali and Rose from Canterbury, who
have both reached out and drawn me in even
deeper into this fascinating and friendly blogger
community. (And this IS a New York rose—in the
Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Learn more
about this beautiful garden, a favorite of 
Manhattan brides, here).


  1. Alexa, so glad I arose from my Olympic tv perch long enough to view these goygeous roses and follow your "link" (nicely done)! I'm back to high school schtuff manana so I may be a bit scarce...or in desperate need of a vin rose. Great week to you!

  2. coltrane -- just left my Olympic perch (how 'bout that Michael Phelps!). I do understand your situation (Ex and brother both teachers, you know), so I'll just say: Bonne chance avec les etudiants, bonne semaine a toi aussi, and enjoy that vin rose (my kingdom for an accent aigu)!

  3. I am so touched and I adore Rose from Canterbury also.

    When I looked last night I didn't see this post so imagine my surprise this morning. And white roses are so elegant!

    Thank you so much. I hope Rose checks in. Not sure if she is still in Brazil or not.

  4. Alexa
    I'm so sorry to have missed this post...This is absolutely adorable...
    You are a wonderful person, did you know?



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