Sunday, July 6, 2008

banns in Boston

Don't usually get personal here, but had to make
an exception today. Indian weddings are the most fun!
Everyone looks beautiful, and the food is awesome.
Our friends Neil and Ruah were totally gorgeous --

and they can definitely get down!


  1. Alexa, everybody does look beautiful! What a fun wedding this must have been. I especially like the party scene...note the expression on the camera man's face to the left of photo. You've really captured the action of the dance. Hope it was a nice trip to Boston.

  2. coltrane -- And notice his left hand pushing the wedding guest aside. I hope he got some prize-winning photos -- at one point he practically knocked me down! Ah well, I can't really blame him. It WAS an exceptionally photogenic wedding.

  3. The couple is beautiful! This of course brings to mind my own limited experience with Indian weddings... Bride and Prejudice, and Monsoon Wedding!

    The best I can do is say I've eaten in Indian restaurants.

  4. Now this is a wedding I would have liked to attend! Thanks for sharing.

  5. these two look fabulous. I'm not sure exactly what is happening on the dance floor, but it does look groovy!


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