Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"peaceful"

A place of worship is almost always a peaceful place.  
This one is the church of St. Paul–St. Louis, in
the Marais.  When I last saw it, in 2011, the exterior
was pitch black.  It has since been given a
well-deserved cleaning and bright red doors.

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  1. I love the interior; another "typical" Paris church! The lone worshiper gives so much meaning to your photo.

  2. Beautiful shot! I love this church in the middle of the bustling Marais…

  3. I, too, remember it with an exterior pitch-black sooty coating. Your “red” had me wondering. Red columns? But the red looks regal on the doors.

    The mix of golden candelabra light and white sunlight gives the interior an etherial atmosphere.


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