Monday, December 9, 2013

Jeanne d'Arc

Leaving Paris (sigh), we were glad our driver
took the more scenic route to CDG through town—
we passed right by the statue of Jeanne d'Arc that seems
to stride valiantly through the Place des Pyramides.
Apparently someone decided she'd be more comfortable
in sneakers and has kindly (?) given her a pair.

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  1. Ha. Didn't notice them at first. She needs a hat, too. I always get cold 'through' my head.

  2. The sneakers are funny. At least they don't permanently deface the sculpture. Great catch.

  3. My window in the taxii was dirtier than yours! :)

  4. one of my favorite saints!
    have you heard of the play st. Joan? it's playing in the village. if you like theater, you'd love this play & it's affordable too(with the coupon code).
    thanks for sharing this Alexa, she is lovely!
    ; )


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