Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday

 Place des Vosges late at night:
beautiful and mysterious—

and not another soul in sight.

[To see more shadows, go here.]


  1. Love the mottled shadowing in your photograph.

  2. I also like to be in places that have no people at the moment!

    Desert Shadows

  3. Good take on the usual 'Place des Vosges' photo.

  4. The color of the sky makes the tree tops almost look as though they are enveloped in fog. I like the way the shadows radiate from and point to the central bright light.

    My first moments in Paris I made a bee line to Place des Vosges, and a certain famous flat. Victor Hugo wrote standing up. Who knew?

    So that is what the Place looks like without all the sunbathers, children at the water faucets, jugglers practicing...

    Even as a teenager I liked walking around the city I lived in during the dead of night. Cities are a different world then. So quiet and peaceful. Even the air is more breathable.

    Can’t wait to visit you when you have your own flat there, and enjoy all the different hours of the day and night.

  5. I loved that walk that evening. I'm glad you got a shot to remember!

  6. Love this! Filled with mystery and possibility...


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