Sunday, December 22, 2013

Light the Christmas lights!

I love Christmas lights displayed in all kinds of
ways—found these festive lumières at the
Paris boutique Muji, a fun store in the Marais.

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  1. Creative, spectacular lights. I think I would have them on display far beyond Christmas.

  2. How deliciously interesting! Happy Monday Mellow Yellows! Merry Christmas!

  3. Very pretty! I have mine in a bowl all year around although I don't use them in the summer when there is lots of light anyway.

  4. I agree with Gemma Wiseman. They are not so holiday exclusive as to forbid their being used at any time of (or throughout) the year.

    They do, however, give me a hankering for an escargot omelet served on a silk place mat (they looking a bit like crosses between eggs, cocoons, and snails.)

    Just before debilitating sunstroke I bought a denim baseball cap there at Muji. Although I was more familiar with other of its sister shops I was glad to see such familiarity on Rue des Francs Bourgeois. Perhaps it is on the same corner. Ah, yes.

  5. I think they look like olives! In any case, like olives they're good in any season.

  6. Yes! Olives like Bibi says. Then the glass becomes full of vodka and dry vermouth. Mixed in this fashion?

  7. They make me think of bees. Very interesting.

  8. TG -- thanks for the link—it's ohkahshee!


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